Stephanie Cravens Early Childhood Academy Spotlight

Parent/guardians should complete the COVID-19 student reporting form if their child is lab-confirmed COVID-19 positive, lives with someone who is suspected or lab-confirmed COVID-19 positive, has had close contact with someone who is lab-confirmed COVID-19 positive within the last 14 days or is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms that are not normal for him/her.
If you are completing this form, please keep your child home from school, and contact your primary care physician. You will be contacted by your child's campus for further guidance.
Los padres / tutores deben completar este formulario si su hijo es COVID-19 positivo confirmado por laboratorio, vive con alguien que piense tener COVID-19 positivo o confirmado por laboratorio, ha tenido contacto cercano con alguien que es COVID-19 positivo confirmado por laboratorio dentro de los últimos 14 días o está experimentando síntomas de COVID-19 que no son normales para él / ella.
Si está completando este formulario, mantenga a su hijo en casa y no vaya a la escuela y comuníquese con su médico. La escuela de su hijo se comunicará con usted para obtener más orientación.
Click here to access the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form