Important back-to-school information

Please be mindful that our buses will most likely be running slightly off schedule for the first full week of school as drivers will get acclimated with routes, etc.

"Here Comes the Bus" App
Parents, if you have have children riding the school bus and have not already downloaded our “Here Comes the Bus” app, you may want to visit the iTunes Store (iPhones) or Google Play (Android phones) and download it for free. “Here Comes the Bus” is an easy-to-use school bus tracking app that gives parents and students the ability to track the location of their school buses. It shows parents where their child's bus is on a map, and it allows students and parents to accurately gauge just when their bus will arrive. This way, children no longer have to stand outside in the dark during inclement weather for an unpredictable amount of time. It also takes security and comfort to the next level by allowing parents to track their children's buses.
For download information, parent letters, and student ridership information (including the code you need for our district in order for the app to recognize Sheldon ISD), please click here:

School Cafe
School Cafe is a one-stop shop to everything child nutrition. Download the app to view your child's balance, add money to their account, fill out a free-and-reduced lunch application, etc.
Click here for more information:
(If you have not used this tool before, please create a new account by following the link above, selecting "Texas" and then type "Sheldon ISD" in the school district field.

School Zones
Please remember that school zones lights will once again be flashing, so please watch your speed in and around these designated areas for the safety of our children.

Campus Information
Please click here for campus names, addresses, and phone numbers:

Labor Day Holiday
Please remember that there will be no school for students and staff on Monday, Sept. 2, so please plan accordingly.

Web Inquiries
We are here to help. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us online by clicking on this link:

Have a fantastic school year!